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Bruiser's Story

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Bruiser's Story

On August 31, 2010 Bruiser was brought to our Veterinary Clinic, Schreiber Veterinary Services, by a local animal control officer. The animal control officer had been called by the local police after they responded to a domestic violence call at a local residence. When the police arrived they found Bruiser lying injured on the living room floor. Bruiser had been kicked repeatedly and sustained a broken hip, trauma to his chest including pulmonary hemorrhage and bruising all over his body. We treated him, stabilized his condition and admitted him to our clinic. We obtained records that showed him to only be 5 months old.

Over the next several days his condition improved and he became a very loving and affectionate dog. love all the pets that come through our front door, but occasionally there is one that just grabs my heart. Bruiser is one of those. He and I share a very special bond. As he convalesced in our clinic and I spent more and more time with him it became clear to anyone in the room that he and I love each other very much. It got to the point that when I came into the clinic I had to be very quiet so he would not know I was there or he would bark and whine VERY loudly. Clients would comment on he and I's relationship, it was hat obvious.

Bruiser had surgery to remove the head of his right femur and recovered normally for the first few weeks. Mid-way into his recovery he stood in his crate and fell back down onto his left hip and broke it. Why that hip broke so easily is unknown, maybe it was weakened in the attack, maybe he has a genetic issue. While waiting for him to completely recover from his first surgery in order to do his second surgery Bruiser has developed multiple other health problems; including, mega esophagus and myasthenia gravis. For several days in January he was not able to eat or drink at all and we kept him going with IV and SQfluids. At his worst he weighed just 35 pounds and could barely lift his head. Through medical treatments and constant care Bruiser turned the corner and began eating a special type of dog food soaked and run through the blender late in January. Slowly his diet progressed to just wetted dry food and eventually when he was able to lap water again he was able to transition back to regular dry dog food. Bruiser now weighs 80 pounds and is able to go up and down the stairs unassisted and even play tug-of-war!!

For the past few months Bruiser has been living in our house with our family. We all love him very much. Bruiser now has control of his bladder and bowls and hardly ever has an accident any more. Due to the medications he is currently taking to control his other health problems we have not been able to perform his second surgery yet. I am currently weaning him off his medications very slowly to see if he can do without them. Hopefully in a few more weeks he will be able to have his second surgery. Currently he loves to lay in the sunshine, shred boxes and soda bottles and be as close to us as he can. He also loves tennis balls. He is most happy when someone is giving him hugs. He believes everyone that comes to the door came to see him! We hope to keep Bruiser as a member of our family for a long time and are praying that it becomes official sometime in the next few months.

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