Community Animal Resource Education & Safety (CARES)

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Our Programs

Our Programs

Ellie’s Safe Haven Program

This program will provide animal care for domestic violence victims during their stay at a shelter. Ellie’s Safe Haven Fund will provide a set amount of monthly funds for a selected women’s domestic violence clinic to fund a safe haven for their chosen cases.

S.A.F.E. Program
(Saving Animals From Euthanasia)

S.A.F.E. is designed to provide immediate medical care for those animals with a potential to live a healthy full life as a companion pet to someone who has a financial need to address the immediate situation.

CARES would subsidize a part of the cost in order to help the animal get treatment and possibly help avoid euthanasia due to lack of funds.

Community and Safety Program

To support and recognize sustainable community and safety based relationships with local organizations that promote and advance animal welfare.

  • Purchase and donate to local fire & police departments life saving equipment designed specifically for companion animals.

  • Collaborate with local community organizations within the metro area on projects that address and promote the benefits of animal companionship. (Example - assist the local dog park with water foundations or benches)

  • Provide safety to our local K9 police dogs by purchasing bullet and stab proof vests.

Education Program

This program is designed to educate the public about the health, welfare and well being of companion animals as well as the importance of neutering and spaying.

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